Your inner critic is a bitch

Image Credit: Lorenzo Petrantoni

Before this post begins I should really tell the reader more about the writer. She’s pretty thick. She has a lot of books she’s yet to read, but unfortunately because she’s so dumb she’s a really slow reader. She has difficulty reviewing books because of this problem; she’s too embarrassed. Everyone else can read twelve to seventeen books a month, subsequently providing a plethora of content for their audiences, whilst she cannot. Because she reads so little in a month she eventually realised, thanks to me, that she obviously doesn’t love books as much as she thought she did, and that others love them way more. Therefore, it would be a disgrace for her to even step foot in that field of creative outlet. In the literary, academic and publishing field she is nothing but a joke and a fraud.

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Against Self-Criticism

artwork by Robert Arneson

In the competitive and moral world that we live in, self-criticism, or rather self correction, is essential to evolution, development and betterment of both the individual and society. However, Some of us are so good at this that our desire the better the world takes priority over our own well-being, and we easily fall victim to an excessive version of self-criticism, a state of self-flagellation: a dangerous condition which fosters depression and creative sterility. We go beyond the self-corrective directness necessary for improving our shortcomings, and instead masochistically berate and destroy ourselves over foibles which are largely socially perceived flaws and inadequacies we assign to ourselves upon comparison.

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