Victim “Feminist” – Taylor Swift & Commercialised, Superficial Feminism

Before this essay even begins I would like to stress one important, nay, the most important message of the following production: the following critique is not an attack on Taylor Swift, and if that’s what you’re here to see enacted you may feel slightly underwhelmed. Whilst I personally am not a “fan” of this particular singer (being more a hip-hop and rap kind of woman myself), Taylor Swift is, I’m sure, a lovely person. She entertains millions of people and ultimately makes them happy; a service which in of itself is worthy of commendation. I have no interest in “dragging” a fellow woman, attacking anyone’s character of insulting anyone; whilst doing so may be beneficial for online traction and views, it wouldn’t produce a productive conversation, and certainly wouldn’t stimulate intelligent reflection on the self or society.

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