DSC_0633Cinzia is a freelance content writer and digital media manager for online feminist and mental health magazine Fearless Femme. She writes, produces, edits and hosts The Unemployed Philosopher’s Club, a weekly YouTube lecture series on literature, philosophy, art and culture. Her videos, like her lecture on Modernism vs. PostModernism, go out to over 15,000 subscribers, earning 45K+ views.

She has written for arts and culture magazines including AREA Culture Guide and Fused, and is a contributor to upcoming anthology ‘No Filter’, published by Unbound. She has also performed her poetry in Edinburgh and Glasgow with PEN International, Interrobang and Inky Fingers, and has been published in The Ogilvie.

She has a BA in English Literature and Classics (Birmingham) and MSc in Literature and Modernity from Edinburgh University. She worked in the book industry as a bookseller and Philosophy Book Buyer for five years before finding her passion in life supporting academic women with mental health issues via digital media marketing.